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Seasonal Flowers:

Potter's Lawn & Landscaping carefully coordinates flower type, color and location to ensure maximum visual impact and sustainability:

  • Highly vibrant colors focally-planted provides value-based impact.
  • Creative flower selections offer eye-catching displays.

Mulch Application:

Mulch applications are aesthetically pleasing and have environmental benefits by retaining moisture and reducing chemical requirements for weed control.

  • Various mulch grades and colors available to complement your property.

Programs may be developed into maintenance contracts for simplified budgeting or tailored to specific annual events.


"Earth laughs in flowers" - Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

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Key Benefits of Annual Flowers & Mulch

At Potter's Lawn & Landscaping we are experts in knowing what to plant and when to keep your yard or property looking beautiful.  

  Annual flowers increase the attractiveness of your home
  Mulching helps to retain moisture and decrease watering
  Mulching prevents weed growth
  Mulching reduces soil compaction during rainy season