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Our History

In 1988, a young man from Scotland landed in Florida. Grant Jon Potter, with an opportunist spirit and energetic personality, began the quest for the "American Dream". While employed at an established landscaping company, Grant gained invaluable experience of the green industry. A genuine enjoyment of people, plants and the service industry resulted. This affinity fueled self-motivation, endless enthusiasm, and unprecedented drive for business ownership. In 1993, Potter's Professional Lawn Care, Inc. was founded and began doing business as Potter's Lawn & Landscaping.

Those first years built the company's foundation of today: customer service and satisfaction; through honesty, ethics, integrity and value. Potters Lawn & Landscaping developed into a small business with big values. Word spread and Potter's Lawn & Landscaping enjoyed sustainable growth of a strong residential base throughout Broward County.

Nina S. Potter joined the company in 1998 and contributed strategic changes and support. A brother/sister partnership was formed and shared a single vision. With different skill sets, but like goals and values, customer expectations and satisfaction were the basis of all decisions. Company growth continued.

In late 1998, Potter's Lawn & Landscaping made a strategic and well founded change of direction by merging residential customer bases to a suitable enterprise and focusing all energy on successful partnering with target customers: commercial landscape maintenance.

In 2000, Tree Care was added to the service offering. Tree Care stayed true to the core nature of a business in service and landscape care; yet offered diversity that enabled Potter's Lawn & Landscaping to develop inclusive maintenance packages for the entire landscape.

Landscape design and installation developed from serving established customers with beautification programs. In 2003, nursery facilities were purchased to enable landscape material to be grown at source. Landscape design and installation projects became an important service division, integral to the company's portfolio.

On October 25, 2005, Hurricane Wilma challenged the green industry in South Florida. A challenge that ultimately boosted the company's reputation. Potter's Lawn & Landscaping showcased a systematic approach and strength of resources to enable economic and environmentally sound service for communities greatly affected.

In 2008, Potter's Lawn and Landscaping enjoys the 15th Year Anniversary. The company eagerly awaits the completion of a new office facility in Broward County.

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Grant Jon Potter - About Us
Started the Company
Almost 25 years ago, Potter's Lawn & Landscaping started with a hard working immigrant who purchased a van and lawnmower for $200.
Second Location
The last years we grew very quickly, so 1997 was the year we opened a second location. The new location started with five new landscapers.
24 Years in Business
We have grown to be one of South Florida's premier lawn and landscaping companies and still family owned and operated.

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